Video Production

I provide a complete video production service from concept right through to the final cut. Your vision can come to fruition whether it be for Vimeo, Youtube, or for your company or a promotional video for a website. I am adaptable in style, so if you have an idea and need someone to help expand on your thoughts, we can work together to bring the project to life. Below is just a small sample of different styles, some have special effects at the beginning, the Pentacle Drummers video has a special effect lead-in.

New projects are constantly being created, taking on new and exciting ideas is important, so please keep checking back to the site to see what’s going on! Also, check out the News for up-to-date and interesting articles on video and photography projects. A small sample of some projects below.

The video kit I use is DSLR based, which allows me to interchange lenses, use a variety of different microphones, it’s small, compact and easy to carry around, believe it or not!

Equipment & implementation

My video equipment is mainly DSLR based, this for quality and depth of field control. Shooting HD quality along with professional sound recording using equipment such as the Zoom H4n, H2n & Tascam DR-60D MkII. Rode Microphones are also used, including NTG2 and Videomic Pro.

Quality lenses are an important part of my kit they range from 17mm, right up to 320mm all at f2.8 this will give that beautiful cinematic effect, and will also allow for low light conditions. I cater for interviews with lavaliere shirt type microphones. I can also create run-and-gun video for News and documentary style video with mobile LED lighting.

A good video starts with a good storyline, and it must have one – or the message won’t get across! Storyboarding is important too as it allows for the whole shoot to be set out for everyone involved to see and change if better ideas crop up whilst shooting, without this no one knows where they are and what’s to shoot next. I provide a storyboard service at the consultation stage to make sure everyone’s happy at the outset.


The production software I use is quite varied, with a sprinkling of
plugins to allow for specialist motion tracking, colour LUTs
and special effects. Some of the programs I use are listed here:

Adobe Premiere Pro
Final Cut Pro
Adobe After Effects
Apple Motion
Adobe Audition
PluralEyes (sound sync)
DaVinci Resolve (colour grading)

Colour in video production is important especially when shooting with different cameras, so I tend to use DaVinci to ensure all clips from cameras match from scene to scene. Special effects are usually created in Apple Motion, as I find it easier to use and more consistent.

Please get in contact if you would like further information about video/production or are interested in having a video created.

Please note: Video concepts in their very nature are more time consuming to set up and film than photography. Post-production for video takes time – up to 2/3 days depending on content and film length, also special effects take considerably longer, please allow for this when budgeting your film or video.

I understand how important your project is to you, so it is equally important to me – and it has to be right!

Please contact me to discuss your requirements, send me your ideas (or completed project ideas) and I will be in contact with you as soon as I am able.

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