In photography these days, replacing/adding/removing certain elements of pictures are standard practice, but it’s important that it looks real and not retouched or the whole image looks false and is no longer appealing. I try where ever possible to take the best picture I can in-camera, this also saves time and effort later on, but this isn’t always possible and depends on so many factors. If an image does need altering due to a client’s needs then I have that covered.

I have been retouching images for 20+ years now for print, and this is the ultimate test of good Photoshop skills! I have a variety of digital applications that I use on a daily basis which include Photoshop, Lightroom, Luminar & DXO Photolab.


For nearly a decade starting in the early 90’s I was a Photoshop retoucher for a number of Printers in Surrey and Sussex, and I was required to make some pretty complicated changes to customers pictures which back then was considerably time-consuming, bearing in mind the early computers were extremely slow! I now spend my time between IT, Photography & Videography which you may not think would fit together, however, these two are closer together than you might think, especially with digital cameras, cloud computing and the nature of getting pictures to people after an event. In fact, I can’t think that many photographers these days wouldn’t have some IT skills, even if they didn’t want to admit it!

With a large background of experience, it leads me headlong into the digital world, where ever it takes me. Meeting new people is most important – and to capture their life in pictures makes me happy after all people love pictures and if it’s personal to them, then it’s a double hit of pleasure!

How I work

I am not in the habit of click, click and gone, that’s for the paparazzi…! I like to take my time when shooting, get the lighting, subject and the framing right before I start taking the images, I would hate to take a hundred images to end up with 10 usable, that’s just not what I’m about. In a total contradiction to that previous statement there are times when you do have to click, click and hope, with fast moving sport or people doing amazing athletics, you don’t have time to sit and ponder over the composition, you have to seize the moment when it happens and always be ready, I guess that is a bit paparazzi’ish but those times are relatively few and far between for me at least as most of my work involves slower moving targets!

Please have a look at the portfolio to see a few pictures that show the different areas of Photography that I love, and of course please contact me using the contact form if you have a project you would like me to get involved with.

Portfolio of images

These are just a few chosen pictures I have added to a Portfolio (click an image to view the lightbox for the category) to show the different styles of my work, it is not a complete set by any means, but instead randomly selected from a vast image library and growing. I have always wanted to create great photographic composition and lighting, taking a little time with composition and the right light makes all the difference.

Over time your brain remembers lighting and framing so it becomes second nature, this allows for more creative content. If you love the digital medium it’s also very forgiving, you have the ability these days to take lots and throw away many, but for me, it’s about getting the right shot in camera within a few frames. All that said I do retouch and re-imagine pictures sometimes, mainly because I can’t always get the shot I imagine in my mind’s eye.