I have created quite a few websites for people over the years, and this is a service I can offer as well. Gone are the days of coding everything in HTML and having to use tables to get areas to line up. Now, I always use WordPress for the CMS (Content Management System) which is available with every domain you purchase, and, I exclusively use the ‘Avada‘ theme.

Avada is fantastic, it can accommodate any type of design, it’s really flexible, and is easy to use – if you know how that is! Please contact me here if you would like to talk about a new site, or maybe just freshen up your old one.

This site was built with Avada as was my Wife’s Holistic Massage site too, I’m also in the process of building a site for a boxing promoter which should start in the next few weeks.

Video and photos are commonly available to everyone these days which obviously affects professional photographers /videographers, as they are not getting the business they used to, I see this in-and-around sites every day, I look at other photographers sites all the time that have previously looked very busy, but if you look a bit closer you can see the activity in the last year dropping. I’m aware that there is a downturn in the amount of freelance work, I’m sure that will change – this industry ebbs and flows like all businesses, but I think we all need to be able to expand our talents, or it’s going to be a struggle long term if we concentrate solely on our one passion!