Why you should hire a photographer

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DSLR or Mobile. Why should you hire a Photographer? This is one of the most talked about subjects in Photography, “I can take pictures on my phone I don’t need a Photographer for that”! Of course, you can, and people do, and with the multitude of digital photo devices around today offering point and shoot, why wouldn’t you, but is a Mobile device all that you require?

I see people taking pictures every day with their mobile devices, iPhones; iPads; digital point and shoots etc, and these can produce a wide range of reasonable pictures, however, they lack important control over the results which puts these type of devices at a disadvantage.

To have a subject with an out of focus background or to enable a wider Depth-of-field and have the whole picture in focus is just one reason why DSLR’s win over, another is the control over the white balance or lighting.

On the flip side, you might argue that I would prefer to get an image quickly without the hassle of carrying around a DSLR, and say “I don’t care if it’s slightly out of focus or the White balance is out” (giving a blue hue or worse). On that point I would totally agree and I use one from time to time when I need quick photos and would rather get the shot than worry about the technicalities, but what happens when you want to print one of these photos, largely speaking most mobiles have a very small sensors and low resolution (megapixels), believe me, you will be disappointed when you come to run prints!

DSLR’s are big and cumbersome at the best of times especially with large zoom lenses, but in the right hands they have the ability to produce winning shots with the lighting controlled and the Depth-of-field just right to isolate certain parts of the picture, the image looks more natural and comes to life. Don’t forget the years of experience the photographer has – who has taken more pictures and in many different styles and locations, this I believe is invaluable and outweighs the argument about mobile devices, don’t get me wrong I have seen – and I have taken some stunning images from a mobile, but then again these are largely taken by Photographers who understand the complexities of the digital media!

Most photographers… and I don’t care who says they don’t, retouch images in some way or another to get the very best out of them, this is available to mobile users as well but most wouldn’t bother and consequently the images stay on their devices forever never seeing the light of day, except for a brief foray in the local pub to show their friends!

The reason most people hire Photographers is that they admit to not being able to take the sort of image they can envisage in their minds eye, this is where the experience comes into play, and why photographers use DSLR’s, imagine hiring a person to take pictures of your wedding and them turning up with an iPad and a pair of sunglasses!