Burns night

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This is the third year that we have been to a good friend’s Burns Night, and they are always good fun, with whisky flowing like tap water! Gilly told me during the evening that nearly a bottle of whisky went into the Gravy and other starters and main course. Do the Scots really do that, or is out southern interpretation of what the Scotts do! Whatever it is – it certainly is a lively event.

I took a few pictures during the evening, but I found the lighting difficult to work out, they have a large red chandelier which throws white light up, but warm light down, with the added confusion of multiple candelabra’s with candles burning brightly, combined with white flash made it a challenging night for a photographer, I tried some gels on the flash but it just seemed to confuse things further, so in the end I made some adjustments for the white balance and continued.

The end result wasn’t too bad considering, and I could fix most of the images in post-production, but I think I will have to try and replicate the lighting to learn what best to do in that situation, it’s not one that I have not come across before.

Light for a photographer is the reason why they are… a photographer, after all without it why would you try to take any pictures! Most of the time lighting is pretty straightforward either sunlight, or tungsten/fluorescent or flash, but when you start mixing them up it does create a challenging situation, one that you don’t want to find yourself in when doing a paid job. This for me wasn’t a paid job and I was happy to take some pictures of the event for our friends, but if ever I get challenged in this way it makes it all the more important to try and learn from it so it doesn’t catch you by surprise next time.