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I have always liked used proper studio flashes with umbrellas to give a soft light, but, when your out and about what do you use? Recently I have been looking at softboxes that soften the light but are portable, and, work with standard camera speedlights like Canon’s and Yongnuo, These have been up-to-now rather cumbersome, and attach to the speedlight directly – but are still on top of the camera. Small softboxes are ok, but the size of the light is all important, as the bigger the light the softer it is. Let’s face it you couldn’t attach a massive softbox to the top of your camera.
So I found some studio sized umbrellas with white cloth fascias which accept both studio lights, and camera flashes, the beauty of this is that they can be mobile, all you need is a light stand, a softbox and the speedlight flash. You can even dispense with the light stand and put it on top of a monopod – which gives you truly mobile lighting, although you would need a second person to hold the monopod!
The Westcott softboxes are great (pics left), but they are also expensive running in at about £160-£190, however, if you shop around you can find one like the Godox which looks exactly the same with the same functionality for £40 – it’s a no-brainer really, but this is so true of most camera accessories. If you look around you will usually find a great addition to your camera gear for a fraction of the price of the person that invented it. Not good for the inventor I know, but damn good for people like me.
This is a welcome addition to my lighting gear and I hope to start using it straight away. If you surf a lot for your gear then you will surely know what I’m talking about, another tip is to try misspelling the product name, sometimes this throws up interesting copies or original products at more than half the price of the original. Cameras and accessories have always been expensive, but you can find what you need if you can spare a bit of time to search around. I’ll let you know how I get on with my cheap but useful softboxes in a later newsfeed.