Quite often on a Sunday in Winter, I find myself sitting in front of a roaring log burner reading or listening to music, which is fine – but I do feel like I have wasted the day somehow! So a few weeks ago I decided I would tackle an area of photography that I have often struggled with, namely low-light. I asked my wife to model for me in my studio and with the risk of boring her while I fiddled with settings I set about getting the exposure right, but what came out of this was some lovely pictures of Dee which I hadn’t really considered at the time as I was too involved in getting the exposure and low lighting right.

Cameras these days have much bigger capabilities to shoot in low light, but they can only see a fraction of the available light that our eyes can see so this makes shooting in low light a bit of a challenge and I like that.

Quite a lot of people like the thought of having their photograph taken but often change their mind once they see themselves, I think this goes back to the image we have of ourselves in our head and what we expect to see that on any pictures that are taken of us, in reality, this is quite often different and people tend to struggle with this. However I feel that pictures are great at showing character and can make some lovely images, but the sitter in some instances don’t agree.

After a couple of hours clicking away with different settings & lighting I decided on half a dozen pictures that I really liked, these were chosen not because the pictures were well exposed or nicely photographed but because Dee was the subject – and I felt it reflected her personality and warmth. Dee on the other hand had mixed feelings mainly because it was her in the images, and we all tend to reflect on how others see us and how we perceive ourselves, at the end of Sunday I felt both of us had learned a few important lessons and both of us are richer for it, now that’s beats sitting with your feet up in front of the fire doesn’t it?