A friend of ours recently told us that her daughter was due to have her hair cut off for charity. Being that she had been growing this hair (that was now down to her waist) for as long as we can remember, our friend said could I take some impromptu pictures of her daughter when they next visit. Knowing that she wasn’t at all happy about having her photograph taken in the past I thought this was going to be a challenge – but agreed to take on the Reluctant Model.

When they arrived I made the daughter feel very welcome and exclaimed that her hair wasn’t going to be with her much longer and that it would be good for her to have some pictures to remember it by for the future…. she wasn’t happy and smelled a rat! After a bit of gentle persuasion she said ok but only a couple and that she wouldn’t look at the camera, but after making her laugh a couple of times making her feel at ease, to my surprise she turned a corner and started posing like a true model, in fact rather than her getting embarrassed about it, her mum started to whoop with delight as she moved from one pose to another, it was going to be a one off as her hair was being cut off in a few days and we wouldn’t see them again until after the deed was done, so I made the most of the rather impromptu model I had before me and clicked away until they had to go.

It just goes to show that teenagers can be very happy to have their picture taken if they are made to feel comfortable enough to enjoy it – really enjoyed this and to my surprise so did she, of course I asked both the friend and the daughter if it was ok to use these on my website to which they both agreed.