Many years ago my Wife decided that she was fed up with trying to buy Christmas cards so asked if I could make one that we could have printed. I asked what content she would like the card have and she replied that she would like to have one of the house on a snowy evening with the stars showing in the sky and our cat sitting on the gate. Oh, I replied that will be easy.. not! But I set about thinking how I would put this together, firstly I would need an image of the house so on a fairly bright day I took a couple of images then put these into Photoshop, I felt that the image would best be manipulated by turning the picture into a sketch first so I did this first and then ‘Inversed’ the image to give me a negative, this was the start of a fairly lengthy battle of wills between my Wife and I as we had opposing views on how it should look, however she won so then started adding white to the roof and hedges to make it look like snow, cut out the sky and replaced it with the starry sky and added a yellow light to the windows, all finishing off with the cat sitting on the gates, this was the start of the Christmas Card.

Wife happy I got it printed, and we sent them out to all our friends and family. Within a few days we were getting texts and phone calls about how they loved the card and how they laughed at the comments I had put on the back which said something like: Designed by Dee and begrudgingly photoshopped by Pete (Bar Humbug)

After this, friends asked if we were doing another Christmas card this year because they were keeping them, so it’s sort of become a tradition now that we go to even more extraordinary lengths to make a Christmas card that is different each year, some of them are pictured below, and now seem to take longer than going to shops to buy some! However people do seem to like the fact that we have gone to such a lot of trouble to do them, my worry is that soon I will have to start doing them in January to get it finished by December. Bar Humbug!