My Wife is a Holistic Massage Therapist with a heart of gold, and this is reflected in this following story. My wife had a guy that was suffering from Cancer and he had a friend that was in the last stages and was losing the battle. The guy said that he would like to pay for a massage for his friend as he hadn’t long to live and he thought that he would enjoy this.

My Wife said straight away that she would do this for nothing as she would like to help, and I said that I would take all her massage table and towels and oils etc as she wouldn’t get this all in her car, I said I would go off and take some pictures somewhere nearby in the meantime. Birling Gap was literally only a few minutes drive away and thought I would take a look down there.

It was still pretty early in the morning and the sky was quite heavy with clouds so though that it wasn’t very condusive to good photography but I would walk anyway, there wasn’t a car park close so set off waking towards the coast, within about 15 minutes the sun started to appear though gaps in the clouds and there was a sort of glow that made it quite magical, as I came over the top of the hill I saw the cliffs and there was a slight mist in the air, I took many shots of this magical scene and one of them has sold quite well over the years.

I said to my Wife that this was a real lucky find, and she said one good turn deserves another, guess she was right.