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I’m Pete Lawrence and my passion for photography goes back to when I was eighteen years old, I would take myself off for the day in the beautiful hills and woodlands of the Surrey countryside and lose myself taking photographs. I had a Minolta camera (film then, of course) and would spend happy hours developing and printing my film and photos.

I would go to race day meets at Brands Hatch and other venues; was commissioned and given pit passes to cover certain races; I loved every moment of it!

Later, when I joined the Ambulance Service, the shift arrangement allowed me to take up a more professional role as I was asked to take photographs of training days for the Ambulance Service and the Fire Brigade; they would set up mock major accidents which was all extremely interesting and they made great pictures too. These were published in magazines associated with both services.

Since then I have continued to take pictures but kept them to myself as I was in a career that was IT based, however, the passion was still there so I decided to make more of my photography, started my website and was accepted by Photographic Agencies. I have since been commissioned for various shoots from landscapes to industrial.

It is now that I realize just how much I have learned over the years and how relevant it is to modern day digital media, although there is always much to learn and to enjoy with every new picture taken.


sunset-over-trees-cloudsI have always had the passion and drive to create lovely pictures, and I have to admit I’m a bit of a geek with camera equipment, but I guess most photographers are the same as they have a need to create the best picture with the equipment they have… read more


In the last five years or so I have been getting steadily more involved with videography, the demand is very high which always surprises me as so many people take video these days, however, it’s quite often on phones or tablets…  read more


A photographer stands and falls on their images naturally, getting the perfect image for everyone is hard as we all have different tastes. I personally love to shoot landscapes, but I’m happy just to have a camera in my hand whatever the subject… read more

My old website was which was looking a bit tired (a bit like me really!) So I decided to rebrand to this new site which is still having a bit of a make-over, so forgive me if it seems a little incomplete at the present time. This site will grow to include more interesting content in the weeks and months ahead, hopefully, with interesting images/video and some featured content. Thanks for taking a little time to have a look around – Pete.